Tips to Keeping Your Garage Door Safely Maintained

Garage doors are often taken for granted. Many homeowners do not realize how important it is to keep them properly maintained. A garage door is a complex mechanism composed of many different parts. It is very important that the hinges and rollers remain well lubricated. A poorly functioning garage door can be extremely dangerous. If you make the effort to give the proper amount of care, you will be rewarded with the peace of mind of knowing that your garage doors are safe. Because they are complex machines, it is best to rely on an experienced professional to service them. That is why smart homeowners make the choice to hire a high quality garage door repair and maintenance company.

A & M Garage Doors is a top notch garage door servicing company based in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. We have been this area’s top garage door repair source since 2002. A & M Garage Doors is a small, local company. When you contact us, you can speak directly to our owner. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of speaking to a large number of different departments. A & M Garage Doors is proud of our customer satisfaction tradition. We count on word of mouth, more than traditional advertising, to help our company grow. The big bucks we save on ads are passed on to you, the customer. Over four fifths of our new clients were referred to us by a previous client. Most companies cannot come close to boasting our satisfaction rate.

Along with garage door repair, A & M Garage Doors also offers several other services. We sell and install brand new garage doors. Our beautiful customized designs are sure to impress. We also provide routine maintenance services to extend the life of your garage door. In addition, we have emergency services that are on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

A & M Garage Doors understands that purchasing a new garage door can be a complex decision. There is no “one size fits all” option and every homeowner has unique needs. Our employees understand this, and we work hard to ensure that you find the garage door that is right for you. Our relationship with you doesn’t end after you make a purchase. We are always available for all of your maintenance and garage door repair needs.

Contact A & M Garage Doors today for garage door repair and anything else you may need. We will be happy to offer you a free estimate and answer any questions.

If your garage door suddenly won’t work, the problem may be in the springs. This is a common garage door repair, and it’s one best left to the professionals. While the springs don’t usually go at the same time, it’s wise to replace them in pairs as part of your regular garage door maintenance. Before you talk to the repairman about replacing only the broken one, consider these benefits of keeping them in pairs.

Labor is the Greatest Expense

The springs themselves aren’t that expensive, but there is a fee for the labor involved with spring replacement. Most companies charge the same for labor whether they’re doing one spring or both because it only takes a few seconds to put the second spring in once the door is ready. It will cost you a little more now to pay for the extra materials, but you’ll save money by avoiding another garage door repair two months from now.

The Wear and Tear is Equal

When you drive your car, the tires should experience equal wear. If one tire shreds because it’s past its lifespan, the others aren’t going to be far behind. The same is true of garage doors. The stress and fatigue on the springs is equal. When one finally fails, the other isn’t far behind. The professionals strongly encourage replacing them in pairs as part of normal garage door maintenance and to keep the door operating safely.

Maintain Top Performance

Invest in dual spring replacement to maintain high performance levels. With the remaining spring already fatigued and stressed, replacing only one spring can result in uneven performance. It can cause the new spring to wear down more quickly, and that will lead to more frequent garage door repair needs.

Inspect the Springs

A broken spring will prevent the door from working. Lifting the door will be extremely difficult without the spring to help carry the load. Checking the springs is an important part of garage door maintenance. Spotting the signs ahead of time allows you to call for replacement before the door actually stops working. Check the balance by disconnecting the door opener and manually opening and closing the door. It should move smoothly and evenly as it is raised and lowered. If the door is shuddering, moves unevenly, is hard to work or is making loud noises, then you should have it professionally inspected to see if it’s time for spring replacement.

If your garage door isn’t working as smoothly as it once did, you may need to invest in garage door repair and adjustments. Sometimes, the door sensors need to be adjusted, or you may need to invest in new springs. Whether one spring has broken or is just showing signs of fatigue, it’s standard garage door maintenance to replace them as a pair. This will prevent an additional service call and ensure that the springs are carrying the load equally for maximum longevity and safety. If you believe that it’s time for spring replacement, then call the professionals to inspect the door, explain your options and handle the work.

4 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

If you’ve noticed that your garage door has been acting funny lately, you may be wondering if it’s time to starting searching for a garage door installation service. While many problems can be resolved, some aren’t worth the investment, especially if the garage door is older than 20 years old.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to call up a garage door repair company, here are four signs to look out for before picking up the phone —

#1 Broken Areas

If you take a close look at your garage door and notice there are chips or cracks, then it may be time to replace the door. This is often a sign that the garage door is starting to fall apart. When examining your door, pay close attention to the bottom edge of the door and the outer edges. If you notice that the bottom of the garage is breaking away from the body of the door, this is something it has to be fixed immediately because of the risks involved. When considering a new garage door installation, one made of steel may be something to think about since they can prevent these future chips, dents and cracks.

#2 Unstable

If you’re starting to notice the garage door is shaky when you open it, this could be a sign of an unstable garage door that isn’t working properly. Generally, when a door goes up, it should be stable, flowing smoothly along the tracks. While an unstable door doesn’t require a new garage door installation, a simple garage door repair can often get it back on track again.

#3 Uneven Bottom

If you step away from the garage and notice the bottom of the garage door isn’t setting evenly with the garage floor, it could be a sign that the garage isn’t balanced properly.

A functioning garage door should always sit flush with the garage floor, allowing no air to get through the gaps. A garage door that sits unevenly is often a sign that there is too much pressure on the springs. If you fail to resolve this issue, it could lead to rodents getting into your garage or lower temperatures. Oftentimes, a simple garage door repair can fix the tracking or leveling issue, preventing rodents and cool air from getting in.

#4 Hard to Open

Whether you open a garage door by hand or an opener, you may find that over time it can be hesitant when opening, or it won’t open at all. Since a garage door has a lot of moving parts, a lot of them are just going to wear away over time, no matter how well you take care of it. Even if the garage door is opening with hesitation, you will want to get it fixed immediately because it will just cause stress on the garage door springs and opener.

If you’re saying yes to any of these tips mentioned above, it’s probably time to call the garage door repair and garage door installation experts at A&M Garage Doors. We are located in New Kensington and service the entire Pittsburgh area.

When considering a garage door installation or replacement of existing doors, keep in mind that heat conservation is of the utmost importance. Your garage doors cover a sizeable amount of area, and the laws of physics cannot be ignored. Keeping the heat in and the cold air out means insulating your new doors with a lightweight compound. The two most commonly used materials are both made from plastic: polystyrene foam and polyethylene sheet or film. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Insulation Methods
A garage door company offers clients the choice of insulation methods. New doors usually come prefilled with insulating material. Existing doors can be opened up and likewise filled with either polystyrene foam or polyethylene.

Before choosing your style of insulation for your garage door replacement project, consider the factors:

The cost of either type of insulated door is approximately the same. However, having the work of pumping foam into an existing door is a project in itself, so choose a company with experience in efficiently performing this task.

Polyethylene sheets have a slightly higher R-value rating, meaning they retain heat somewhat better than foam. This material also has excellent moisture-resistant qualities. The disadvantage of polyethylene is that many doors come with this plastic already packed inside, but in a thinner amount that what is required for a colder climate.

Both the foam method and polyethylene sheet installation offer the end-user an environmentally friendly product. Both types of plastic are blown using chemicals that are safe for the environment, namely chemicals that are CFC- and HCFC-free.

Expanded Polystyrene
Garage door installation companies that refurbish or upgrade existing doors use a pumping mechanism and melting chamber to blow foam into the interior of the hollow frame. The foam expands and fills all the cracks, and the result is a closed-cell compound that traps heat and forms a barrier.

Polyethylene Insulation
A garage door company may recommend the use of polyethylene sheets because of the ease with which they are placed inside the door frame. Prefabricated panels are usually hollow and allow the sheets to be inserted with little effort. The sheets will not sag or contract, meaning cold spots will not develop over time.

Garage door replacement therefore involves a decision on the part of the end-user. Depending on the type of door chosen, the addition of plastic sheets or expanded foam may be an easy task carried out by either the manufacturer or the garage door company.

Ask The Experts
Before choosing a style of garage door, ask a company representative about whether the panels are available prefilled with either of the types of plastic mentioned above. Although the cost of garage door replacement is within nearly everyone’s budget, it is still an investment because upgrading an non-insulated door is nearly as expensive.

Garage door installation or garage door replacement is best handled by a company that offers the greatest selection of materials. The crews sent to your home should be familiar with each type of insulation material and be able to offer suggestions as to how much insulation thickness is required.

A&M Garage Doors offers superior service and a wide range of door styles. Servicing the entire Pittsburgh, PA area, these garage door replacement specialists use the finest plastic insulating materials available. For expert garage door installation and quality products, choose the garage door company trusted throughout Southwest Pennsylvania. A&M Garage Doors is ready to transform your drafty, energy-inefficient garage into a warm, money-saving home for your family car.

The importance of garage insulation depends on the relationship the garage has to the rest of the home. Heat will always move into a cool space, and this could have a significant impact on your energy bill whether you heat or air condition your house. Thermal insulation is the best way to avoid this heat loss. It will greatly reduce the conduction of heat through walls, ceilings and floors.

If your garage is connected to your house, it provides up to 40 percent of the front of the building. This is a huge amount and offers a large exposure area for heat transfer. The Pittsburgh, PA based A&M Garage Doors dealership can provide garage door installation or garage door replacement that will help reduce your energy use.

Garages that are connected to the house are usually built with the same structural integrity as the rest of the house. They may have an extra room above. If the garage door is not insulated, the upstairs room will reap the results, hot or cold. Warm or cool air will also leak through the home’s connecting doors into the garage and out the garage door.

A garage door installation on an unattached garage need not be insulated. However, if your family uses the garage for activities or leisure, it is best to ask a garage door company to install an insulated door. An insulated garage door replacement will be more aesthetically pleasing than an uninsulated door.

Insulation is measured by its level of thermal resistance. This is called its R-value. Materials with a high R-value are more effective insulation. The two most common types of insulation used by a garage door company are polystyrene and polyurethane. The exact amount may vary by brand, but polystyrene has approximately an R-value of two per inch and polyurethane has about four per inch. Because of the higher R-value, it may seem to be better to get a garage door replacement with polyurethane insulation. However, there are other considerations.

Open-cell foam such as polyurethane is not waterproof. Closed-cell foam such as polystyrene is waterproof, but it costs more. A garage door company can help you decide which is best for your unique situation. A professional garage door company will provide better seals and appearance than a diy garage door installation.

Both types of insulation will improve your energy efficiency, which makes getting a garage door replacement with insulation a good investment. It will save you money in the long run and pay for itself eventually. Both of these insulation materials are manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions that are HCFC and CFC-free. Polystyrene has the advantage of being recyclable.

Once you have a garage door installation that is insulated, there are a few things you can do to maintain it.

• Clean the exterior with mild dishwashing soap and water and rinse it thoroughly. You can also wax it just like you would your car for added protection from pollutants and weather.

• Clean the weather stripping at the bottom on the door and make sure it is in good shape. If it is cracked, it should be replaced. If you have windows, make sure they are sealed too.

• Clean the old grease off the rollers and track, and then add regular machine grade oil.

You don’t realize how much you rely on the garage door until it stops working for some reason. Whether you’re storing the kids’ bikes in the garage or pulling the car in every night, you need the door to work reliably and smoothly. Investing in regular garage door maintenance will help you keep the cost of garage door repair low and keep unexpected breakdowns away.

Protect the Door Year Round
Your car’s finish is protected with a layer of wax, but you may not realize that your garage doors need the same protective coating. Every time your car is backed in towards the garage, you’re blowing exhaust against the door when you start the car. Storms leave a coating of filth on the door, and the sun will beat down on the finish. Wash the doors a few times a year with mild detergent, and apply a coat of car wax to metal doors to protect them and avoid rust. Perform these tasks in the fall to prepare your door for the harsh winter to come, and do it again in the spring to remove any salt residue from the door.

Maintenance for Garage Door Openers
People commonly have to call for garage door repair because their opener stops working. The fact is that a malfunctioning opener poses a threat to your family and property. Part of regular garage door maintenance includes testing the garage door openers to ensure that they’re working properly. Put an empty box in the door’s path before closing the door. The opener should reverse and raise the door before the box is actually crushed. If it doesn’t, you should call for immediate service to avoid a tragic accident. Malfunctioning garage door openers can crush children or property who are in the way when the door closes, so you don’t want to take chances. In the winter, keep the door closed when clearing the driveway to avoid a build-up of snow that interferes with the door’s sensors.

Keep the Room Weather Tight
Another overlooked garage door repair actually involves the weather stripping on the bottom and sides of the door. If these rubber strips are dry rotting or breaking, you should invest in replacements. Keeping drafts out of the garage will help maintain a more steady temperature and provide another layer of insulation for the home when the temperatures drop this winter.

The Manual Inspection
While you’re looking at gaskets and the opener, take the time to unhook the opener and invest in a little more garage door maintenance. With the opener disabled, you should be able to smoothly open and close the door. It should move evenly on the tracks. If it’s uneven or difficult to operate, you may have a problem with your springs or tracks. If the door is moving properly, then take a moment to lubricate the axles and rails. If it’s not, you should call for service. Perform these tasks in the fall to ensure that your door is well lubricated and protected against the freezing temperatures to come.

With a little garage door maintenance, you can keep the door in top condition and avoid the expense of an emergency garage door repair. Check the rails, tracks and garage door openers to ensure that the full system is working properly and avoid accidents. It takes a little time to invest in these preventive steps, but you’ll keep your family safe and ensure that your garage door remains in great condition for years to come.

Your garage acts as a perfect storage facility for your personal items and vehicles. It can even be converted to a work area, such as for woodworking or other hobbies. The garage door, and attached opener, provide a fast way to enter and exit the area, but it can be loud as it operates. Reducing noise from your garage door when it opens takes some observation and periodic garage door maintenance to keep it whisper quiet. Your neighbors, and sleeping relatives above the garage, will thank you for your efforts.

Tighten It All

Garage door maintenance starts with all the screws and bolts holding the track and components to the walls and ceiling. Using a sturdy ladder, tighten all the fasteners associated with your door. Garage door repair costs add up if screws vibrate out and warp the track over time, for instance. For most garage door maintenance, simply tightening the fasteners quiets the system significantly. After servicing the entire opener and track, test the door and listen for noise reduction.


Overall, garage door maintenance is mostly achieved through lubricating moving parts. The entire system is essentially a mechanical structure, using gears, pulleys and belts to lift or roll the door open and closed. Avoid expensive seizing that is common in neglected garage door repair calls by lubricating hinges and roller shafts. Generously lubricate the torsion springs. They perform the main duty of lifting the door. Add grease to the opener’s track. Garage door repair calls are almost eliminated with periodic lubrication. Open and close the door repeatedly to work the lubricant into the parts for the best maintenance.

Roller Care

Those small wheels attached to your door’s edges are referred to as rollers. However, most rollers are steel-based, making them extremely loud as they clang up and down the rails. To make your garage door repair process complete, change the rollers to nylon-based material. Because it has a softer texture, they glide up and down the rails with a muted sound. Check that all screws are properly tightened on each roller before testing the door to avoid damaging the rails.

Opener Operation and Vibration

Older opener parts use a metal chain to pull the door open and closed. If possible, change the chain to a rubber belt. Your noisy garage is quickly quieted with a smooth belt running the system. While you are servicing the chain or belt, take a look at the opener’s attachment at the ceiling. Brackets connected to overhead beams direct vibration energy into rooms above the garage. Add anti-vibration pads under your opener’s connection brackets to soften vibrations entering your home. You may not notice the door opening anymore.

If you have any questions or concerns about your garage door or opener, contact A&M Garage Doors. Servicing the Pittsburgh area, this New Kensington based business has the expertise and talent to evaluate your garage door for maintenance and repair issues. Their highly trained staff are ready to visit your home for a personal inspection.

Why do garage door springs break?

When it comes to your garage door, you’ll want it to be working smoothly at all times so that you can easily enter and exit your home. Garage door repair may be needed if you find that your door is not working properly. The garage door spring is the piece of equipment that does all of the heavy lifting of your garage door. Unfortunately, these springs can sometimes break, causing your door to be stuck in the closed position. In most cases, homeowners are not familiar with the garage door spring and are unsure of what would have caused the break in the first place. By gaining valuable knowledge behind the reasons that these springs can break and garage door repair information, you may be able to prevent the garage spring replacement issues from occurring in the future.

Simple Wear and Tear
One of the most common reasons behind the garage door spring breaking is the simple wear and tear from everyday use. When it breaks, you may be in need of garage spring replacement services to get your garage doors working again. When a torsion spring is first installed, it is usually rated for ten thousand cycles of use. A cycle consists of the garage door going up to open and then down to close. If you are using your garage several times a day, ten thousand cycles of use may actually come faster than you would have thought. Your daily cycles of use can add up quickly when doing various activities such as going to work, coming home, getting the kids to school, going shopping, heading to various activities and more. Heavy garage door users can easily burn through ten thousand cycles in as little a years time.

Build Up of Rust
If rust develops on the garage door springs, they can easily stop working, making it nearly impossible to get your car out of the garage and in need of garage door repair immediately. Rust increases the friction on the coil as the garage opens and closes. In order to prevent rust from occurring, simply spray the coil with WD-40 several times per year to keep it lubricated and rust-free. Garage spring replacement may be needed if rust develops before preventing this issue entirely.

Improper maintenance of your garage door can result in the garage door spring breaking. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan. Some things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your springs include not only spraying it with WD-40, but also checking the balance of the garage door every season, especially during the winter months. By taking advantage of garage door repair services from A&M Garage Doors, you will receive regular maintenance that your garage needs to continue working properly. A&M Garage Doors also specializes in garage spring replacement so that you can get in and out of your garage once again with ease. Those located in the Pittsburgh area can receive these services immediately.


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